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Hello!  See the sensor on my arm in the picture above?  That sensor helps me monitor my blood sugar.  I've had Type One diabetes for over 25 years.  Recently, I decided to hire a Type One coach.  I am already expert on my Type One, but having a coach made me feel so validated, reassured and successful in my diabetes management.  That is what I want to do for my clients!  You may be terrific at organizing some things in your home or you are certainly expert on how you want to feel in your home.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t need support to get you to the next level of comfort, ease and success.  


I have always loved everything "Space Clearing" -- from Real Simple Magazine to Feng Shui.   But learning the KonMari Method® took what I already knew to the next level.  I’m a bit of a homebody.  Watching the news, reading, throwing a ball to the one cat that likes to chase it, using my ballet-barre -- these are a few of my favorite things.  This is where I spend the bulk of my time, living with my second husband (the first one didn’t spark joy!)  As a professional organizer my job is to help clients feel a greater sense of calm, order and freedom from having an organized home or office.  

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